The updated LOFFLEX diet...

    ...for re-introducing food following remission from Crohn's disease achieved using Elemental 028 Extra.
    For hard copies of the new materials please contact your local Nutricia representative.
  • Elemental 028 Extra Powder

    Elemental 028 Extra Powder

    A nutritionally complete, elemental diet in a powdered format providing the flexibility to concentrate up or down to suit the individual requirements of a patient.
  • Remission

    Elemental 028 Extra

    Quick, effective and long lasting solution for Crohn's Disease
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    3. Verma S et al. Dig Liver Dis. 2000; 32(9):769-774.
  • Homeward
    A home delivery and support service to children, adults and their families all over the UK.
  • E028 Extra Liquid

    It's ready when they are

    A convenient and palatable, nutritionally complete, liquid elemental diet. Elemental 028 Extra Liquid is created to fit a patient’s lifestyle, not interrupt it.

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