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Alicalm is designed for paediatric Crohn’s disease in terms of nitrogen source, nutrient profile and taste.

High energy density

At 1.35 kcal/ml, Alicalm has the highest energy density of any Crohn’s disease specific feed available. This may reduce the volume of feed that needs to be taken daily to meet requirements.

Pleasant taste

With a pleasant vanilla flavour and a whole protein base, Alicalm is a palatable feed.

Bone health

Alicalm has enhanced levels of calcium, vitamin D and phosphorous and has a calcium:phosphorous ratio of 1.3:1

Countering oxidative stress

The anti-oxidants vitamin E and selenium are present at increased levels.

Patented anti-inflammatory fat profile

  • MCT:LCT ratio – the fat content of Alicalm is approximately 50% MCT and 50% LCT
  • The low LCT content may enhance efficacy (1)
  • The high MCT content improves energy content without compromising efficacy (2)

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  • 2. Andoh et al. J Nutr. 2000; 130(11): 2636-2640.
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