Product Profile:

Elemental 028 Extra Liquid


Elemental 028 Extra Liquid is designed for older children and adults with Crohn’s disease in terms of nutrient profile and taste.

Flexible presentations

Elemental 028 Extra is available in two formats:

  • Powder which can be concentrated up or down to suit individual requirements
  • Liquid for convenient, ease of use, in and out of the home

Pleasant taste

With a variety of fruity flavours Elemental 028 Extra Liquid is a palatable feed. The flavour choice will help with taste fatigue.

Amino acid based

Elemental 028 Extra Liquid is suitable for use if there is an associated cows’ milk allergy or when whole proteins are not tolerated.

Nutritionally complete

Elemental 028 Extra Liquid can be used in children over 5 years as a complete source of nutrition and can be used in children older than 1 year as a supplement.  It is suitable as a sole source of nutrition in adults.

35% MCT

For improved tolerance and enhanced efficacy (1,2).

Clinical Efficacy

  • 30+ years of experience and success
  • Can induce remission in just 2 weeks (3,4)
  • Can prolong remission rates when taken as a supplement to ordinary diet (5)

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