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Elemental 028 Extra Powder

The citrus flavour Elemental 028 Extra powder has now been discontinued.

The other flavour options are orange, banana or unflavoured. Elemental 028 Extra is also available in a convenient ready-to-drink liquid which is available in orange & pineapple, summer fruits or grapefruit flavour.

The banana flavour Elemental 028 Extra powder has an updated formulation.

The artificial sweetener Aspartame has been removed and replaced with Sucralose, an alternative artificial sweetener. Despite EFSA’s view that Aspartame does not pose a health risk, recent publications have questioned its safety and Nutricia has therefore taken the decision to remove Aspartame from all products. Sucralose was chosen as a replacement sweetener due to a long history of use within our existing metabolic and paediatric product range. The change of sweetener does not affect the colour or appearance of the product, and sensory analysis has indicated there is no significant difference in taste. There are no changes to preparation or storage instructions.

If you have any questions or would like to receive further information on these product updates, please do not hesitate to contact the Nutricia Resource Centre on 0845 7623 653, or speak to your local Nutricia representative.

Treating Crohn’s Disease with Diet

Starting up as a freelance dietitian 18 months ago gave me the opportunity to run a dietetic clinic in a private hospital alongside Professor John Hunter’s adult gastroenterology clinic. The majority of patients I see suffer from Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome. My interest in Crohn’s disease stretches back over 18 years from earlier days working in the gastroenterology research department in Addenbrooke’s Hospital where we saw excellent responses to diet in a large number of patients.

The official website of Professor John Hunter - Everything you’ll ever need to know about IBD
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