Elemental 028 Extra Powder

Elemental 028 Extra is a nutritionally complete elemental diet, consisting of a mixture of essential and non-essential amino acids, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Available in Orange or Banana flavour (contains sugars, sweetener and colours) and Unflavoured in 10 x 100g sachets

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Nutricia Flavour Modjuls are also available for use with unflavoured Elemental E028 Extra Powder.

FlavourOrder CodePIP Code
Grapefruit 20 x 5gF0133-1265-9043
Lemon & Lime 20 x 5gF0158-1265-9068
Cherry & Vanilla 20 x5gF0249-1N265-9050
Orange 100gF0250096-9386
Blackcurrant 100gF0386096-9113
Pineapple 100gF0387096-9360